My name is Travis Gockel — welcome to my web site. It exists because I wanted my e-mail address to be and felt that somebody might actually visit that domain.

This little welcome page is not really very interesting, so you might want to check out my blog, Frag for Cancer, Vapor Gaming or any of those tabs at the top.

Who is Travis?

I am a software engineer at heart and by profession. I love thinking about algorithms, talking about programming and writing code. The root of my enjoyment for these things is that I love to create systems which solve problems and computers seem to be an endless source of problems. The harder the problem, the more enjoyment I get through solving it. That is why I specialize in multithreaded programming.

I work for SolidFire, a Boulder-based startup company. They sell large storage devices that are super fast and super scalable. The "solid" comes from the solid-state drives we use to persist the data and "fire" comes from it being blazingly fast. I enjoy my job because I get paid to do what I love (see previous paragraph). If you are a software type of person, I would highly recommend working for us.

When I am not working, I enjoy doing outdoor things like skiing, hiking, swimming, climbing and many other gerunds. After that, I like to kick back with a cold glass of home brew and play video games.


JSON Voorhees (C++)

Yet another JSON library for C++. This one touts new C++11 features for developer-friendliness and a parser capable of handling malformed JSON in a reasonable manner. It is open-source — released under Apache License 2.0.


C++ Pirate

A collection of articles I have written about various C++ tips and tricks.



A very large gockel
That is all.